Family Living Arrangements


Family Living Arrangements

Once you have determined a suitable project using census data, collected scholarly journal articles and other sources, completed an annotated bibliography & mini-proposal outline, you are ready to complete the course with the final essay in the same format as a professional journal article. Final project essays will include: statement of the subject of the proposal, including why it is important; overview of what is known about the subject, including the literature review—based on the references; working hypotheses (both null and working) which would facilitate the investigation of this topic; listing and defining and explaining the key concepts, constructs and variables; identifying possible non-reactive data to be collected and why; likely operationalization (or measurement) of the key concepts with explanation; probable population, sample size and description/explanation; probable methods of data collection and explanation; possible ethical considerations (if any) and explanation; desired results and explanation; possible future research and explanation; Conclusion. NOTE: Please remember that you will NOT conduct any statistical analysis, in-person interviews or surveys, or other face-to-face research. You will be working with non-reactive United States Census data to propose a meaningful project on a topic of interest. In other words, you are constructing a kind of blueprint for a research project that would employ statistics or other forms of research if brought to its logical conclusion. Your job in this course is to learn how to conduct sociological research, and become knowledgeable in the skills and techniques necessary to finalize and present such research.

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