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Florida International University Gavin Case Business Law DiscussionSchool

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Parliament, after public pressure, passed the Legalisation of Medical Marijuana Act 2016. The Minister of Health in the first reading said: For too long people in pain or with other medical problems have been forced to choose between strong pharmaceutical drugs with terrible side effects or to break the law by purchasing or growing marijuana and marijuana products. A civilised society does not make criminals of innocent people who are simply trying to manage their medical problems, or criminals of their loved ones who purchase or grow marijuana on their behalf. However, the right strains of marijuana must be used as some may be harmful. But it should not be forgotten that this government is committed to stamping out the evils of drug abuse. Section 2 states that: “Marijuana includes buds, leaves, oil or any other product. Doctor’s certificate means: “a certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner within the last six months certifying that the person needs to use marijuana to relieve pain and other symptoms.” Section 15 states that: “A person is permitted to possess up to 15 grams of marijuana or three live plants of marijuana as set out in Schedule 3 if the person has a Doctor’s certificate certifying the person requires marijuana for medical reasons. Section 16 states that: “Subject to section 15, it is an offence to possess marijuana, punishable by up to 5 years in prison or a fine up to $20,000.”

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