Globalization: Business and Society in the Information Age


Globalization: Business and Society in the Information Age

Farming in America Topic Overview: A major characteristic of globalization in developing countries is an acceleration of urbanization, with an influx of people well beyond the capacity of cities to absorb them. Food systems around the world are changing, resulting in a potential for greater availability of food as well as greater diversity of food choices, with markets becoming global. In developing countries competition for market share of food purchases is arising from entry into the system of new players such as large multi-national fast food and supermarket chains. These changes to food systems are having a substantial impact on the food and nutritional security of both producers and consumers. This impact is being felt on the availability and access to food, through changes to food production, procurement and distribution systems, the food trade environment, and overall food culture. The impacts, both positive and negative, are also felt by large food producing nations like the United States. Trade agreements have largely benefited US food producers for the export of products. But the US also imports large quantities of food- produce in particular. Whether food is distributed across the country or exported to other countries, there is an environmental impact, as well as a significant impact on the traditional American family farm. New initiatives, sponsored in part by the 2014 Farm Bill and supported by USDA programs, are promoting sustainable agriculture, new AG technology, local production and distribution, and the elimination of “food deserts”. Read attached word doc, and then: Please address the following question in your main response: – Should the United States pursue national agricultural policies and associated programs that protect small farms and assist them in being competitive with large commercial/industrial agriculture? – Utilize a minimum of two academic sources to support your answer.

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