Graduation project about IOT ” Internet of Things”


Graduation project about IOT ” Internet of Things”

I’m looking for someone how can help in building first three chapters in my graduation project ( IOT adoption in Saudi Arabia) as I will work on last chapter; chapter 4 (result) 1- Chapter 1 , 2 &3 should take same structure like what my colleague done for his project (Behavioral Intention of Mobile Banking application Use in Saudi Arabia), attached 2- It should cover Abstract & Introduction before starting chapters work that include but not limited to: • Definition of IOT • When IOT concept started • M2M (machine to machine) and IOT • IOT applications, Models, industries, etc. • Most and least common use of IOT 3- Chapter1 ( literature review ) 4- Chapter 2 hypothesis 5- Chapter 3 Methodology Very important points: 1- that I am using below article as reference to my work and you can use most of it in paraphrasing way and expand it in order to reach 40 – 45 Pages ( for the 3 chapters) , attached 2- If the writer has the capability to do the result using SPSS tools or any he is most welcome and project shouldn’t be less than 80 pages without references ( Survey and result attached) , and I replaced Affect experience with Perceived Value in my survey 3- Survey has been distributed to more than1200 person through mailing list & keep follow up with them every couple of days. I got 380 responses so far

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