Hall, Marx, and Gramsci Explain Why & How Trump, the Kardashians, and Ryan Toys Have Societal Impact


Hall, Marx, and Gramsci Explain Why & How Trump, the Kardashians, and Ryan Toys Have Societal Impact

mbination with oneor more the following readings:Theodore W. Adorno, “On Popular Music” Louis Althusser, “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses”Roland Barthes, “Myth Today”Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”Jacqueline Bobo, “The Color Purple: Black Woman and Cultural Readers”Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin, “The Double Logic of Remediation”Pierre Bourdieu, “Distinction and the Aristocracy of Culture”Judith Butler, “Imitation and Gender Insubordination”Michel de Certeau, “The Practices of Everyday Life”John Fiske, “Understanding Popular Culture” Jane Gerard,“Sex and The City: Carrie Bradshaws Queer Postfeminism”Antonio Gramsci, “Hegemony, Intellectuals and the State”Stuart Hall, “What Is This Black in Black Popular Culture?” Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, “A Propaganda Model”Richard Hoggart, “The Full Rich Life & The Newer Mass Art: Sex in Shiny Packets”Jacques Lacan, “The Mirror Stage”Brenton Malin, “Policing the Crisis of Masculinity”Marshall McLuhan,“The Medium is the Message”Ted Magder, “Television 2.0”Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, “Ruling Class and Ruling Ideas”Lana Rakow, “Feminist Approaches to Popular Culture”Slavoj Žižek, “Cynicism and Ideology” To do this, you will write a 3000-wordpaper(approximately tenpages) that uses a combination ofconcepts to analyze a media artifact. Ideally, you should select theoriesthat interestyouand compliment one another. This will not only make your paper easier to write, it will make it more enjoyable to read. Keep in mind that you do notalways haveto agree with the theoriesyou areusing. Instead, your goal should be to construct a discussion that explores how a particularset of ideascan help us better understand some aspect ofourrelationship with media. Things to keep in mind:•Choose an object to study that narrows your discussion. For example, analyzetwoor threemoviesor television showsin a franchise, not a whole genre.•Construct your discussion using an outline that has a clear introduction with a thesis (pages 1-2), threeto fivesupporting examples (pages 3-9),and ends with a conclusion that summarizes your main points (page 10).•This is not a research paper. This paper is meant to be an exercise in critical thought—this means you only need to cite relevant course readingswhen appropriate. 1NovemberRevision4of 7•Your papers should also attend to the norms of college-level writing (e.g., typed, double-spaced, single-sided, 12pt Times New Roman font, and so on).•When you turn in your paper, it should be stapled with agrading grid attached to the back (grading grids are available on Blackboard).•I am always available to talk about your paper. If you need help or have any questions that cannotbe answered in class, please make an appointment to see me during my office hours.AbstractOverviewYour abstracts should be approximately 150words in length, well written, carefully crafted, and help to open a formal dialogue about your final paper.I will review your abstracts and give you feedback on your project. If you fail to turn in an abstract, this indicates to me that you are very confident in the scope and aim of your project and do notrequire feedback. In general, your abstracts should do the following:•Identify what you will be studying (e.g., a particular television franchise or genre of music) •Explain its significance (e.g., is it something new or unstudied?) •Describe how you will study it using theory (i.e., which theories will you use and how will you use them)•State your paper’s argument (e.g., what point are you trying to make?

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