Hist120 Indigenous Peoples Atlas Of Canada


Hist120 Indigenous Peoples Atlas Of Canada 

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First-half portfolio: due February 24, 2020 Description Part 1: World history in the news• Write a short paper based upon two or more news articles linked by theme. Include the title and dates of the articles at the top of the entry. Offer your analysis of and response to the topics discussed. Part 2: Lost treasures investigation  • You are investigating the theft of objects from the Iraq Museum in Baghdad. In your report, you will identify three specific objects you are focusing on, and will provide details on what they are, what they represented to the people who made them, and people of the present and future have lost when they were stolen. Provide some thoughtful insight into who removed these objects, and why. Part 3: Discussion/reading reflection• Provide a brief summary of an in-class discussion (from “quotes”, lectures, or other classroom discussions) OR reading/viewing/listening assignment using the ORID focused method: o Objective: what is the quote/discussion/topic/idea about? What caught your attention? o Reflective: why did you choose this quote/discussion/topic/ idea? How do you identify with it? o Interpretive: What does it mean to you? What insights did you get from the quote/discussion/topic/idea? How has your thinking changed by reflecting on this quote or idea? o Decisional: how can this new or enhanced interpretation be applied to your academic, personal, and/or professional life? Due date February 24, 2020 Technical specifications Assignment submission • Provide a cover sheet, stating your name and student number, the course name and number. • Part 1 must: o Be between 500 and 1000 words. o Be based upon at least two news articles from reputable sources.

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