HOSP2050 Rooms Management And Housekeeping For Standard Operating Procedure


HOSP2050 Rooms Management And Housekeeping For Standard Operating Procedure

After the completion of the shadow shift/ Information interview, students will be able to prepare a professionally presentable assignment that will encompass the following. 1.Writing the standard operating procedures for the opening and closing of the building
2.Naming and understanding of the daily reports that are crucial for day to day operations of the department
3.Recognizing the relationship between The Front office and Housekeeping department
4.Describing and understanding of the techniques/ strategies used in developing an adequate scheduling frame work, and its impact on the Department.
5.Describing the process of allocating rooms list and rooming keys to housekeepers
6.The content and process involved in stocking of the room attendants cart
7.Clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the housekeeper
8.Listing of the tasks and key duties involved with the supervision of the public areas of the hotel
9.Explaining the day to day routine of looking after the swimming pool.
10.The types of interaction between the housekeeping and the Maintenance department
11.Summarizing the functions and working of the laundry department and its relationship with the housekeeping department.
12.The role and routine work of the lost and found department

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