IMAT 5209 E-Commerce Evaluation For Atari Game Systems And Atari Computers


IMAT 5209 E-Commerce Evaluation For Atari Game Systems And Atari Computers

1. Your task is to create personas for at least four different hypothetical users of the interactive system; there should be two per member of the team. The personas should include at least one with a significant disability, and at least one who has a non-standard reason for wanting to use the system.

2. Your second task is to define the user experience priorities for the system, that the design should focus on getting right. These should take the form of a numbered list in decreasing order of importance, with brief descriptions of between ten and twenty priorities, including statements of how important each one is.

3. Your third task is to create part of a usability specification for the system, that provides a set of criteria for assessing how well the current design meets its needs, and how well the new design, that you hope your company gets the contract for, meets its needs. It should comprise at least ten specific, testable usability requirements. These need to include clear statements of the usability attribute to be assessed, what the measurement procedure is, which subset of users the requirement applies to, the preconditions of measurement, and the criteria for success.

4. You need to define your evaluation methodology clearly and describe it thoroughly. Your fourth task is to explain the techniques and procedure you are using for your evaluation of the e-commerce site, exactly enough that other evaluators could try to apply the same procedure to see if they come up with the same results you do.

5. Your fifth task is to carry out a usability evaluation, applying your evaluation methodology systematically, and documenting it thoroughly. Your evaluation should be thorough and detailed. You need to be exact about precisely where each heuristic violation occurs, and which heuristic it violates, and how it violates it. Each member of the team should do the heuristic evaluation separately, and then the team should collate the results, labelling each heuristic violation with who found it. Differences of opinion are worth commenting on. The notes produced by the individual team members should be included as an appendix. (Handwritten notes should be scanned or photocopied.)

6. Your sixth task is to write a brief appraisal of the usability of the system. You should do this last, but it should be placed first in your report, as it is what the clients will want to read first.

7. Your seventh task is to critically evaluate your work for the assignment, commenting on any obstacles you overcame, and on what you did well and what you could have done better. State very clearly who contributed what to the different parts of the assignment.

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