Information Governance


Subject: ITS 833 – Information Governance

Discussion 1

The eight Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles, as outlined by ARMA International, are summarized in this week’s text readings.

(i) What is the relationship between principles of IG and the eight Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles?

(ii) Using any public organization that can be cited and referenced, provide a brief example for each of the 8 GAR Principles within this organization.

Word Count: 450 +

Discussion 2 

According to Smallwood (2014) there are five basic steps to conducting a risk assessment: (1) Identify the risk, (2) Determine potential impact, (3) Evaluate risk levels and probabilities and recommended action, (4) Create a report with recommendations and implement, and (5) Review periodically.

Identify a risk within any organization. Assess the risk based on the Smallwood’s criteria.


Smallwood, R. F. (2014). Information governance: concepts, strategies and best practices. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley

Word Count: 450 +

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