Information Systems Management


As the CEO of an organization, you just learned that the information technology (IT) security department hired a convicted hacker who used to write malicious code as a security consultant. Would you overturn this decision? Why, or why not?

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I would definitely not overturn the decision to hire a former hacker to work as a security consultant in our organization.  People change their ways all of the time, and people who were once not good people can turn over a new leaf and use their knowledge of criminal activity for good instead of evil.

My current employer actually employs a convicted hacker as our security consultant and it has been greatly successful for us.  His depth of knowledge into phishing and hacking is impressive to say the least and we take our cyber-security pretty seriously.  He frequently tests employees with fake fishing emails or phone calls in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to our systems.  Each employee who has computer or telephone access must take a training class with the consultant to make sure that they know how to identify the attempts that are made on businesses each day.

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