Informative Speech Video Link and Outline (Vietnam)


Informative Speech Video Link and Outline (Vietnam)

In 4-6 minutes, you should INFORM the audience about the culture of a country, other than the USA. You must do RESEARCH for this speech, utilizing the library’s website provided below and known as the “LibGuide.” Find at least two academic sources (you may have more than 2) using the libguide provided here. NOTE: The primary function of this speech is to explore what it would be like to be immersed in another culture, or what you might need to know to live there. Please do not confuse this speech with a book report, highlighting mainly historical information or lists of demographic facts. The majority of your research should focus on the ways of thinking, being, and life in this culture. REMEMBER: A GOOD INFORMATIVE SPEECH CREATES INFORMATION HUNGER (MAKES US WANT TO KNOW MORE! Don’t bore us with a list of facts. Engage your audience with interesting information!) In your speech, you will cover these areas for the three main points of your speech: Point 1: About this Country Examples of information that would go in this point–Geographic location and capital city, Country’s economic status (major world power, BRIC, developing country), Population demographics (including major ethnic and racial groups), Political structure (including name of president or leader), Major languages spoken, Transportation systems (how do most people travel?), Entry requirements (Visa or vaccinations required), Currency used and exchange rate for the US, etc. CURRENT EVENTS would be a great feature for this main body point as well. Point 2: Cultural Aspects Examples–What is the country famous for in terms of art, architecture, dances, etc. What are the most popular places to visit and why? Culinary traditions (any famous dishes or dining habits to note) or major religions, or RECENT CULTURAL EVENTS would be great additions to this main body point. Point 3: Unique Communication Behaviors Examples: Nonverbal communication (gestures, body language, eye contact patterns, use of space), Family structure (extended families living under one roof, polygyny, etc.), Is this country monochronistic or polychronistic? Individualistic or collectivistic? Have high or low power distance? What are their communication preferences: direct or indirect? (Hint: Review Chapter 3 for this main body point!) You may leave some of these items out or add in other interesting information that you find. Your speech should have an introduction, be ordered logically and include transitions between main points, utilize diverse and interesting supporting material (see p. 366 of your text), have two verbal citations, a conclusion, a formal outline with two internal references and MLA formatted works cited entries. Your research sources must come from the libguide provided here. You should deliver the speech extemporaneously using only speaking notes. You should not read your speech from your outline to your audience. See page 355 of your text for advice on creating speaking notes. NOTE: When recording, make sure you are in a quiet location with good lighting. You should test your equipment and arrange your speech space so that your entire body is in the camera’s view (head to toe) and that your facial expressions can be seen clearly and your voice heard clearly on the recording. You must show your audience at the beginning and end of the speech, without turning off your recording device. Please dress for a formal, college presentation. If your recording does not meet expectations, you may lose points or be asked to do it again, possibly for a late grade. See the video on Recording your Speech and Audience for more help.

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