Intelligence and Information/Security Management Structures


Intelligence and Information/Security Management Structures

iNSTRUCTIONS Question :Explain the differences between security management, business continuity and emergency management. Can one be applied equally to an incident? What role does intelligence play in these three management structures? The discussions will pose a question or situation that the learner will research and answer in a comprehensive and thought provoking way. The discussion assignments must be written in full essay format using at least 500 words (not including references) in full APA 6th Edition format. The writings must be spell checked and grammatically correct for full credit. EACH Discussion Assignment will be formatted with the following headers: Introduction (an introduction paragraph to what you are writing about) Discussion (describe in detail your hypothesis supported by documented and cited research within the paragraphs) Conclusion (closing paragraph describing if your hypothesis was correct and any recommendations for improvements or necessary changes) References (list all researched information in APA 6th Ed format (references DO NOT need a separate page)

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