Interface Design Questions

  • You can use online or library resources, but do not plagiarize (do not copy/paste material and if you refer to a resource make sure to provide a reference)
    • Example of using a reference: Jesse James Garrett defines “User Experience” as the way a product behave and is used in the real world. [1]
      • [1] Jesse James Garrett, “The Elements of User Experience”, New Riders Publishing, 2002.
  • I expect in-depth answers in your own words, so take the time to explain a concept and provide examples when possible.
  • You have to submit your answers in a Word file. 


  1. How would you assess the accessibility of a website for a blind user? 
  2. In your own words, describe “User Experience”. How can we improve UX of a product or service? Give a positive and a negative UX example. 
  3. How can you evaluate an application based on Nielsen’s heuristic 3: User control and freedom? What should the application provide or support to satisfy this heuristic? 
  4. Why should web applications be accessible to all members of the society? List at least three methods that developers can use to make the websites and web applications more accessible. Briefly explain these methods. Refer to WCAG guidelines as needed.
  5. What are the strengths of expert review and user testing? Why should we use both for evaluating user interfaces?
  6. The objectives of the web sites for the Whitehouse and the British Royal family are similar in the sense that they both give out relevant government information to the public in addition to displaying details about the respective heads of state and their families.

Royal family


Compare and contrast the two web sites in terms of their structure, organization of information, presentation and maintenance aspects. Think of the design guidelines and heuristics you learned during the course.

  1. As a usability expert, you are hired by a health system to improve their health software primarily used by physicians and nurses. You may have to do a complete overhaul of the existing user interface.  You also learn that the health system has purchased the Microsoft Health Common User Interface (CUI) that offers many of the tools and widgets that you can use to build the GUI (a widget list shown below).

Based on what you have learned in this course, can you explain the process that you expect to follow to undertake this project? Remember that you are a usability expert and manager, and you will have programmers that will work for you.

 Your answer will be judged based on the thoroughness of the procedural detail and usage of the techniques you learned within the process.

Microsoft Health Common User Interface  interface
nurse interface

A search and prescribe window that may be used by nurses

A developer screen which gives a quick link to guidelines

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