Is there an evacuation template for traffic during a disaster?


Is there an evacuation template for traffic during a disaster?

Using the following textbook: The Works: Anatomy of a City, Kate Ascher The following questions need to be answered in the essay: Is there an evacuation template that the Traffic Management Center uses to manage traffic flow away from a disaster? Should there be? Or are there too many types of events for which to develop a template? Integrated traffic management system: 500 word plus essay in response. The response must address not only the content of the selected reading; but, also incorporate: 1) a concept(s) and content from the course textbook (The McGraw-Hill Homeland Security Handbook); and, 2) at least two additional scholarly publications pertaining to disaster management. Suggested academic journals from which scholarly articles may be obtained include: Journal of Emergency Management International Journal of Emergency Management Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Australian Journal of Emergency Management Disaster Prevention and Management Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management All sources must be cited in accordance with the American Psychological Association. (2011). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed.), or Houghton, P., and Houghton, T. (2009). APA: The Easy Way (2nd Ed.).

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