Journal Essay 2 – History and Movement of Women Rights


Journal Essay 2 – History and Movement of Women Rights

****PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY**** JE2 focuses on Gender & Sexism, Civil Rights for Women, and Social Change. You must also bring in the documentary One Woman, One Vote. Websites and .PDF article attached are the sources for writing the journal. Make sure to use total of 3-4 direct citations from web links and .PDF article attached. Provide in-depth responses to the following questions within essay: How did gender affect women’s opportunities in the past? And Today? It took a long time for women to win the right vote. Why? Select one of the articles under Social Change web link, and apply it to women’s civil rights. Make sure to make specific mention of readings. 1000-1200 words- APA FORMAT Spell/grammar check INCLUDE WORD COUNT a the end.

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