Kaplan College Palm Springs Endangered Species and Resources Land and Water EssaySchool



Kaplan College Palm Springs Endangered Species and Resources Land and Water EssaySchool

Kaplan College – Palm Springs

Question Description

Assignments include both questions and essay related with the both articles covered and the ideas discussed in the course notes. Additional research might be needed for the essay. Please make sure you provide references for the essay.

You need to review both article and lecture notes to answer the following questions. Few questions may require reviewing related on line short video clips.

Article 17: Seabird signals.

1. To understand the subject better, review the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) web site coverage on “seabird signals.” Describe the reasons why several seabirds are suffering. What would you offer as solutions for a stable and sustainable future of these exotic species?
2. As cited in “Seabird Signals,” identify the nickname given to tufted puffins by research biologist John Piatt, with a brief explanation of this nickname as well as Piatt’s regard for their role in the ecological picture.
3. As summarized in “Seabird Signals,” what is “coastal upwelling,” and why are scientists concerned that climate changes may be throwing its timing out of kilter?

Article 22: How Much Is Clean Water Worth?

4. As listed in “How Much Is Clean Water Worth?”, what is the main objective of ecological economists?
5. According to article “How Much Is Clean Water Worth?”, what role do insects play in supplying vital ecosystem services?
6. How the experts categorize Nature’s Systems?

Essay: Your job is to research economic and environmental impacts of April 20, 2010 BP Oil Spill that devastated the Gulf of Mexico dramatically. Unfortunately, in addition to a number of deaths in the oil platform, a massive crude oil was gushing into Gulf at the rate of 800,000 gallons per day for many days. While Norway and other European countries have been drilling oil in the deep sea for many years, they have not experienced such a devastating oil spill accident due to their very strong regulations on oil drilling in waters while many experts claim that oil drillings in US waters were not as strongly as regulated compared with European counties due to strong oil lobbies in the United States. Write an essay on investigation of the BP Oil Spill in terms of economic, environmental, and society impacts. Describe your ideas and suggestions to avoid similar accidents in future.

Please watch the following four video clips carefully to learn more about the accident:

1. Gulf Oil Spill Effects on Wildlife – published on 5/29/2010 by Science Magazine
2. Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill – Article
3. BP Oil Spill Effect on Wildlife –
4. 100 Days of the BP Spill: A Timeline –,31813,2006455,00.html

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