Law and Society


Law and Society

Provide a sociological analysis of the OJ Simpson trial, drawing on terms, concepts, and ideas from The New Jim Crow and Chicago Hustle and Flow. The primary goal is to use theories and concepts from the two books to explain the trial. You are welcome to analyze any aspect from the trial, including the circumstances that led to the trial or the aftermath. In doing so, be sure to show the connections between the readings, particularly sociological terms, concepts, and ideas. Do not use class notes or other sources (other than Toobin’s book) to write the essay. You do not need to explain any part of the trial – assume your reader is familiar with every aspect of the case. Instead, focus on analyzing it from the viewpoint of a social scientist. Throughout the essay, strive to incorporate as many relevant sociological terms, theories, concepts, and/or ideas as possible. These should come exclusively from the readings. Which of these are relevant will depend on your analysis of the trial. Essays must contain a minimum of ten sociological terms, theories, concepts, or ideas (five from Alexander and five from Harkness). Basic terms like “race,” “ethnicity,” “social class,” “sex, and “gender” do not count as part of the ten terms. You are welcome to re-use terms from your major project paper, but they do not count towards the ten. For this paper, you do not need to define terms, but you must cite them properly. Be sure to use correct citation throughout the paper. Any citation style is fine, but please be consistent. You do not need to include a separate page for a bibliography or works cited. The essay should be at least five full pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font

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