Law for community service workers assignment research paper


Law for community service workers assignment research paper

Write a research paper discussing a current law pertaining to community service workers. Think of the journalist questions in your writing, however, i would like it written in essay format (intro, body, conclusion). Headings are appropriate, but simple Q & A is not acceptable for this assignment. 1. Who wrote it 2. For what demographic group is it written? 3. What is it? 4. What is the responsibility of a Community Service Worker in regards to this law? 5. Where did it originate 6. When was it written? Revised? 7. Why was it written? 8. How is it enforced? 9. what sort of penalties are there for perpetrators and what sort of rehabilitation programs are primarily used etc. 10. in conclusion give your opinion on the law with suggestions on how the law could be improved. Write your paper on one of the topics below, or on a topic that is of particular interest to you: domestic abuse child abuse & child abuse registry code of ethics for community service workers gang violence illegal drug use, abuse and dealing your paper should be 4-6 pages long, well researched, plus a title page, citations and references, double spaced, 12 point font either Arial or Times New Roman, APA STYLE.

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