LAWS11057 Introduction To Law :’toolkit’ of 2000 words,


LAWS11057 Introduction To Law :’toolkit’ of 2000 words,

Task Description
You will compile a selection of the best concepts in a ‘toolkit’ of 2000 words, including a 200-word reflective statement where you describe your future professional development plans. This statement should show that you have evaluated the gaps in your skills and knowledge and have drawn concrete plans for how you will develop as a legal researcher and problem solver. Your toolkit may include some of the following:

Understanding the problem

• Separating legal and regulatory aspects of problems
• Framing your audience and required outcomes
• Inductive reasoning and legal thinking
• Expressing and balancing alternative positions
• Resilience in Research

Building the evidence base of knowledge
• Rules and Precedents
• Using authority and analogy – ratio decidendi and obiter dicta
• Use of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation
• Different legal theories and related approaches to problems
• Techniques for managing complicated legal information

Presenting a solution
• Using technical legal language
• Logical presentation of argument
• What is ‘critical analysis’
• Defining your key concepts and thinking about your audience
• Synthesis of legal principles
• Using dissenting opinion

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