leadership experience



Write a 3-4 page paper. Must be APA format, 12pt font, no less 1-2 legitimate, verifiable sources, title page, an introduction, intext citations, reference page. I have also attached files that are papers I have written about my leadership styles. The paper marked sample paper is a paper that was actually a paper written for the class for you to use as an example and the remarks made by the professor at the end of the paper for their paper. I happen to have the same professor. If possible do not use the same references. This is due September 18, 2019 at 10 pm EST 24 hours.

The third part of the course long assignment is Leadership Skills AnalysisFor this portfolio entry you will examine your leadership skills, identify leadership skills and investigate which skills you are strong in, as well as where you can develop and strengthen your skills to become a great leader. To do this you will read the assigned class readings, use online tools, as well as doing your own independent research, and review your own leadership experience.  You may also solicit the input of friends and family.  Your finished paper will be 3-4 pages long (not including the cover page or reference page, and attachments) presented in APA (6th edition) format and will become the third item in your portfolio.This task is designed to help you identify leadership skills, evaluate your skill set and plan for future skill development.You will utilize several online tools identified in the course schedule to conduct an investigation of your level of mastery of commonly identified leadership skills.  In addition you will solicit feedback from friend and/or co- workers about your skills.  Your paper should summarize your findings and explain what skills you have now as well as identifying at least 10 skills you would like to develop, why you feel they are important to the future of public safety, and how they will benefit you as a leader.

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