Managing Innovation & Technology Transfer(Developing a social media campaign for Gentoo Homes)


Managing Innovation & Technology Transfer(Developing a social media campaign for Gentoo Homes)

Please follow the format in which you want the file The number of references is at least 18 references and the references should be recent Be a reference to the British system Word Count Words There is a detail for every place Title : Project 1 – Developing a social media campaign for Gentoo Homes Abstract : 150 words * Introduction :same 150 words* *Company profile : 150 – 200 words (what, where, how, why) Fouce about gentoo homes *Literature Reviw ? ( 900 word )article, book,journal, any references about social media related togentoo homes Best social medial strategy and Co Value *Methodology 200 to 300 words??? See the list of questions attached in the file Group meeting, company visit,surveytopeople (appendix), article, journal 200~300 result for the appendix (how many female, age, how they answer) 1) meeting and focue grope 2) 2) visit comapany Gentoo 3) 3) Questionnairs *Findings Data analysis / Discussion ( 800 word ) (main body of the asigntments important part, 5 questions issues related to methodology and literature review) What did you find from article, jornal, survey, related to Gentoo? Conclusion * 150 – Recommendation 700 words* –(STO, strategic- ceo, tactical-manager, operational-employee) T Time factor ( S , M, L ) C Cost A Activities R Respostia who is Q Questions ( issue • Research leading housing developer’s social media platforms to analyse their strategy of generating engagement and driving traffic through to their website. • Explore the different types of posts being used to generate engagement. • Identify current trends and best practice approaches and explore opportunities that are currently being missed to create a point of difference for Gentoo Homes. • Identify measures of success for a social media campaign. Produce recommendations on how Gentoo Homes can use social media to generate -700 words Fouce on and uesed *Appendices Every part *Reflections having worked on a live project (1000 words As a team, we worked with us to find several solutions and suggestions that support some of the problems that the institution suffers in social media. We managed to distribute the tasks, share our ideas and work on developing a new methodology for distributing tasks in a variety of ways. The staff and meetings with the Foundation through visits and the work of questions in the field

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