Managing Virtual and Global Teams



lease write a one-page response to each discussion question. Double spaced. APA format. At least two references each. 

Week 12 – Q1

A newly elected U.S. president has to assemble a cabinet and fill many key administrative positions. Disregarding the politics of the situation and based on this week’s readings:

1. What challenges do you think a new president faces in building a team?

2. What advice would you give a new president to help build a high performing work team?

Week 12 – Q2

Think back over all of material we have covered this term. What idea, concept, or theory has been most meaningful to you and why?  Alternatively, discuss what idea, concept, or theory you think every team should be aware of and why.

Write about: (Approaches to Managing Team Conflicting a workplace)

Week 12 – Q3

You’ve just been through a real life experience of working in a virtual team. What tips or advice* would you give to students who will be taking this course next term to help them have a productive team experience?

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