Math 225N Week 4 Lab Assignment


 Math 225N Week 4 Lab Assignment

  1. Consider iron levels in a population that have a mean of 15.5 gdL and a standard deviation of 1.6 gdL. You are measuring the iron levels in one patient.
    • Question 1: Give an example of an iron level from the patient that would be considered unusual. Describe how you determined that such a level would be considered unusual, using the Empirical Rule
  2. Rather than one patient, you are now measuring iron levels from a group of individuals.
    • Question 2: Assume a specific sample size. This would be the number of individuals in the group. Using that sample size, determine the range within which the group’s average iron level would be consider usual. Describe how you arrived at that range using the Central Limit Theorem and the Empirical Rule.
  3. Consider a specific area of interest to you in the health sciences.
    • Question 3: Describe 3 variables or measures that would probably follow a normal distribution. Describe why you believe they would follow a normal distribution.
  4. After typing your answers to the three questions, be sure your name is on the Word document, save it, and then submit it under “assignments” and “Week 4: Lab”.

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