Math 225N Week 6 Lab Assignment


Math 225N Week 6 Lab Assignment

  1. Find this article in the Chamberlain Library. Once you click each link, you will be logged into the Library and then click on “PDF Full Text”.
  2. Consider the use of confidence intervals in health sciences with these articles as inspiration and insights.
  3. Describe how you could use confidence intervals to help make a decision or solve a problem in your current job, a clinical rotation, or life situation. Include these elements:
    1. Description of the decision or problem
    2. How the interval would impact the decision and what level of confidence would be most appropriate and why
    3. What data would need to be collected and one such method of how such data could ideally be collected
  4. Save the Week 6 Lab document with your answers and include your name in the title.
  5. Submit the document.

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