MBA – Critical Case Analysis Presentation (Slimline)


MBA – Critical Case Analysis Presentation (Slimline)

Note: An order instruction file is provided for a more clear read. (it’s the same as the following instruction) Generically, your case analysis should cover three major elements: (1) case (major events, players, their background) and a company profile; (2) business environment as relates to the industry involved in the case, and (3) the relevant country environment in which the case takes place. After having discussed the case present and explain/rationalize your own judgments/solutions/recommendations. The designated case presenters acting as an IntEnt consulting firm, analyze the case, prepare solutions/recommendations, and run a ~15 minute class discussion of this case. In your presentation try to creatively integrate the above case elements into a dynamic flow rather than following the suggested structure “mechanically.” Evaluation:  Quality of the case analysis, conclusions and recommendations: the depth, arguments, amount of effort put in studying the issues, additional sources and practical experiences presented.  Quality of presentation: informative, dynamic, professionally sound, handouts.  Completeness: additional sources, and relevant information used (integrate industry analysis, country analysis, company background, and the background of the key players’ involved in the case.  Relevance of theoretical and methodological approaches/models used from the course materials.

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