MGT 252: Week 7- The Supreme Court & Business Issues


MGT 252: Week 7- The Supreme Court & Business Issues

MGT-252 Political/Legal/Ethical Issues in Business Week 7- The Supreme Court & Business Issues Two Parts to this assignment: Part I: Answer the DQ in 50 words or more (be specific): How does insider trading affect the financial market? Part II: Select one of the following current Supreme Court cases (note that some have been heard by the court and some have not.) Use the name of the case as your search term. • TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods – patent law • Lee v. Tam – trademark protection • Microsoft v. Baker – product liability • National Labor Relations board v. Murphy Oil USA – labor relations & class action law suits • Encino Motorcars, LLC V. Navarro – labor relations • Ohio V. American Express Co. – anti-competitive actions Write a response of 750 which addresses the following areas: • What is the core issue in the case? Explain in your own words; do not copy form the case. • What are the positions both sides are taking. Summarize them in your own words • Which side do you believe has the strongest argument and why? Support your argument with what you have learned about some of the legal principles involved. Include a link to the case transcripts. Include a minimum of three scholarly sources, in addition to the link to your story.

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