Misunderstanding Mass incarceration by Dam Gopnik discussion



Analyzing the communication context is preparation for interpreting and evaluating a text. For this assignment, it is recommended that you select a text that you like and about which you feel a sense of intrigue or curiosity, whether it be a poem, short story, or play. If you are interested in the text, there is probably something about it – the times, the culture, the personalities, the politics – that make it interesting and worthy of attention.

You should follow the MLA Style guidelines, which are explained in most composition and grammar handbooks and at several sources online; the College’s Student Success Centers can also be of help. Margins, paragraph format, and double-spacing are prescribed by the MLA Style guidelines. I will not accept a submission that is not double-spaced. I will not accept a submission that is not set-up margin left – do not use “justify.” I require that all pages are numbered in a header in the upper right corner.

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