Networking & Interviewing (Management Business Communication)


Networking & Interviewing (Management Business Communication)

Overview: Learning from professionals in the industry is what will help guide your decisions. Networking is an important part of communication and making that connection will help you be successful in your career. In class, we have talked about the importance of non-verbal communication and how to practice active listening skills. Now I want you to hear from an industry professional on their thoughts on business communication in the workplace. Assignment: Connect with a full-time professional (cannot be a parent or relative) that has been in a professional position for 3 or more years. You will interview this person and write a reflection on the three lessons learned from the interview in regards to business communication. I recommend meeting in person. However, a phone call is acceptable. You will write a detailed reflection and connect the information shared with you to class information covered in the text, lectures, videos, podcast, or articles. This assignment will follow the writing guidelines in the syllabus. No more than two pages. Must be concise in your writing.

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