NR500 Week 1: The Value of a Master’s-Prepared Nurse


 NR500 Week 1: The Value of a Master’s-Prepared Nurse

In today’s world of healthcare, both master’s prepared and baccalaureate-prepared nurses are key players in upholding the healthcare standards and policies for improving the quality of care delivery. While both work in accordance to the standards whilst upholding their responsibilities, there exists explicitly defined discrepancies between MSN and BSN prepared nursing. According to Auerbach, Buerhaus, and Staiger, (2015) BSN and MSN take into account extensive research as well as application of practice theories where every nurse ought to have critical thinking and proper decision-making capabilities to ensure success in their performance. However, master’s level nurse is mandated with the responsibility to assiduously and constantly apply critical thinking for growth and development of nursing practice. Master’s prepared nurses’ practice takes into consideration focus on a specific field of study such as clinical nurse educator, quality improvement executive, professional practice executive, nursing administration and clinical nurse leader (Auerbach et al., 2015.)

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