Nutrition Summary


This project is about your nutrition and effects of your under/over consumption of nutrients and physical activity. I would like for you to write about your nutrients intake and physical activity from your reports. I’ve listed specific nutrients and information below for you to discuss. 

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Register in (Links to an external site.). Track your food, beverages (including water), snacks, and activities for two days (1 weekday 1 weekend day) on the Daily Food Log, and write a summary of about your intake of the following nutrients and physical activity, and the effects of over- or under- consumption of each (must be discussed): 1) Calories, 2) carbohydrates, 3) fats, 4) protein, 5) sodium, 6) vitamin C, 7) iron, and 8) physical activity. Please take a look at (Links to an external site.) for Dietary Guidelines for Americans (Links to an external site.) and other helpful information.

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 See serving sizes for quantities. Note that more than one serving size is recommended for most foods.

  • Include all required information regarding the seven (7) items listed above.
  • Explain the effects of over- or under-consumption of each nutrient and physical activity.
  • How does your intake of the nutrients above compare to the RDA (recommended daily allowance)? Review the 1 week (not daily) summary.
  • How does your physical activity compare to the recommendations (see your textbook)?
  • Be sure to (MLA) cite all claims or factual information! Don’t guess with MLA format! How to cite using MLA format (Links to an external site.)
  • Minimum cover page + 2 pages essay + works cited page= 4 pages minimum
  • You can include any additional nutrient intake that you observe from the reports. 
  • Provide information (from a reliable source) about how your health can be affected if you continue your eating patterns long-term. I suggest you use American Heart Association, National Institute of Health (NIH), or other well – know sources. A Google search doesn’t always generate a reliable source. 
  • I suggest that you include your textbook as one of your two required references. Information has to be properly cited.
  • You can write in first person, but be careful not to write like you speak or text!

All information from your textbook or an outside (reliable) source must be MLA cited- don’t guess! Go to Cerritos College Library  for MLA formatting or (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.) for your works cited and parenthetical citations. Include all of your references at the end of your summary.

Only 1 quote allowed- use your own words! Your paper will be checked for plagiarizing and you can view the similarity report.

See the rubric below for point distribution.

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Nutrition Summary Example

Organization 3 points  Content Knowledge 21 points  Grammar and Spelling 4 points  MLA Format 2 points   

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