Observing The Front Lawn


Assignment #3


For this assignment, start by observing a front yard of your choice around the west side of Santa Cruz. Some good places to look include the neighborhood along and around King Street (above Mission Street between Walnut and Miramar), the neighborhood around the “circle streets” (between Mission and Delaware), the neighborhood around Westlake Park, and the neighborhood around Highland Avenue (above High Street).

After viewing and thinking about the front yard, complete a written response (online submission through Canvas). Your response (around 450 words) should address the following questions:

  • What are the visual components of the yard? Be as detailed as possible. This could include fencing, grass, paving or other ground cover, ornaments, hedges, trees, and flowers.
  • What kind of message or meanings do you think the occupants of the house want to express through their front yard? In answering this question, you could think about issues such as privacy, water-usage, class, lifestyle, or ideas about nature.
  • How does the yard’s design relate to themes that we have discussed in class? For this question, make reference to a particular class lecture or reading.

Please include a photograph or sketch of the yard as an attachment to the assignment.

All assignments are due by 5:00pm on Friday, November 8.

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