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3. Planning & Organizing

You are in charge of organizing the logistics and recreational activities of a fun weekend retreat for the 13 members of your office. Your manager has given you a few parameters to work within, but otherwise, the plans are up to you:

  • Location must be within a 2-hour driving radius
  • Total budget for lodging, transportation, food, and group activities must not exceed $7,000

The culture at your company is very democratic, so it’s important that you present a few options and gather feedback before finalizing any plans. 

Considering the information would you include or need to gather at each step:

  • How would you go about researching options, sharing them with your team, and collecting people’s input? 
  • What tools, resources, or systems would you use to stay organized? 
  • How would you finalize your plans and get everything set up, given all the information and feedback you’ve collected?

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About Make School

Make School is redesigning higher education for the 21st century

Our emphasis is on ensuring relevance of education for the modern economy and accessibility to students of all backgrounds. Our college operates on the following pillars:

  • Combining the liberal arts with computing education in a bachelor’s granting program
  • Providing relevant and engaging education through real world projects
  • Uniting students from a broad socioeconomic range who possess grit (as measured by non-traditional metrics) and a passion for impact and innovation
  • Ensuring students are the core focus of the institution
  • Systemically aligning incentives of the institution with students through Income Share Agreements (tuition paid as a percentage of salary once employed)

We’re now four years into our experiment, and our early results have been promising. We’ve educated over 2,000 students through in-person programs and over one million students through online content. Our students have shipped thousands of apps reaching tens of millions of people; from medical solutions to women’s empowerment communities to simple games. Our alumni form a powerful network across the most innovative companies in the world.

Our new model of college has enrolled over 180 students, coming from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. Majority of our students come from low to mid income families, while nearly half identify as underrepresented minority students. Our career outcomes are on par with elite universities, giving us evidence that talent is in fact diverse and distributed.

We hope our experiment will inspire innovation throughout the higher education landscape and accelerate the broader conscious capitalism movement.

Our team is our operational engine and cultural core

We are fortunate to work with a diverse group of individuals passionate about making higher education more modern, engaging, and accessible. We’ve previously worked at tech companies, coding schools, universities and integrate our knowledge and experiences to drive innovation. We’ve lectured and taught courses at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, Stanford and INSEAD. We strive to treat people well, do right by our students and our team, and support our surrounding community. We hope everyone who enters our doors, whether students or staff, leaves better off than as they came.

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