Operations Security


This assignment asks you to examine how different organization structures and employee behaviors may affect security needs.

Imagine you work for a large health care organization with a hierarchichal structure with many departments and clinics. This organization recently acquired a remote medical clinic specializing in one type of service. The remote clinic has a flat structure. You are asked to create a new cell phone use policy for both the large organization and its newly acquired clinic.

Analyzing an organziation to identify business and security needs is an important part of creating long-term secuirty strategies and policies. This assignment will give you insight into how to analyze organization needs for the course project.

1. Research examples of successful cell phone policy implementations. Choose three to include in a report.

2. Write a report explaining how you would analyze the organization and design a cell phone use policy.

3. In your report, include a raionale as to what types of business challenges would relate to cell phone use and how your chosen cell phone policies would solve problems and enhance the business.

4. Cite sources used in the body of your report using APA style in-text citations. Include a References page at the end with APA style references.

5. The report should be fairly brief, 2-3 pages.

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