Organisational Analysis – designing a learning management system


Organisational Analysis – designing a learning management system

Organisational Analysis Report (no more than 3000 words, excluding references and appendix) (Harvard Referencing) A Report, stimulating a consultancy scenario where you are a consultant working to deliver a report to a client. Develop a functional specification of a solution to a given problem. The making of the report will be based on the research development framework (See attached file as this is what the report must be structured on) 1. Read consultancy problem brief (attached) 2. Find literature on learning systems and critique to find a solution. (May relegate the literature critique to the appendix of the report and refer to the appendix). 3. Use the information found from the academic literature to identify solutions to the problem presented. 4. Produce a report arguing the solution. Design a new learning management system that is ideal for the university (client).

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