Organizational Behavior – workplace practices @WalMart #6


Organizational Behavior – workplace practices @WalMart #6

For the assignment, you will play the role of a Human Resources Executive at Walmart. The senior management has asked you to do a thorough analysis of the organizational culture and how the current organization behavior affects it. You will produce a report in this course on any opportunities to shape Walmart’s organizational behavior to produce positive results. Justify in your report why any changes you recommend should be implemented. The changes you are recommending may have both a positive and negative impact on the organization. Create a plan to minimize any negative impacts of your proposed changes. Combine this section with the sections you wrote for the previous PBL activities in this class and create a professional report with a cover page and outline. Create a summary section that explains the choices you have made throughout this course in shaping the organizational behavior and culture. Guidelines: I will be looking for adherence to all of the following on all written assignments. Title page Abstract: The abstract should focus its contents on your findings, is written as a stand-alone capsulated summary and never uses citations since it focuses on the synthesized research results reported in your paper and not on the research sources. You are not writing an abstract on the case study. You are writing an abstract on your paper. This is an OB abstract. Do not follow scientific or other abstract examples except those presented in the abstract the APA Manual. Be sure to read the abstract requirements document attached to the Course Expectations/Welcome announcement. The abstract should not be more than 1 page. Reference section header Running head on title page Page header on all other pages Page numbers on all pages References listed on the reference page and also cited in the body of the text. Times New Roman font, 12 pitch. Citations should accompany each written assignment thesis statement, paragraph topic sentences, and supporting statements of fact and opinion. A minimum of 1 citation is required for each case study question. At least one citation/reference besides the text and the case study is required in answering each case study question. The BU Online Library and Google Scholar and Google Books are excellent resources. Wikipedia is not accepted at BU or at any other regionally accredited college or university. Subject headings dividing various paragraphs throughout: Section the paper by paraphrasing the assignment question as a section subject heading statement followed by your answer to the assignment question. You should not restate the assignment question verbatim or pose your subject headings as questions. Introduction: The introduction focuses on introducing the scope of your essay, presenting background information on the problem, uses citations and always has a thesis statement. Most important, the introduction introduces your paper by stating what you will be discussing. APA does not require an introduction section heading. You may add it if you want. The length of your introduction should be determined based on the relative length of your paper. Unless your paper is at least 10 pages in length (which does not include title page, abstract, reference pages) the introduction should be less than 1 page. Conclusion: The conclusion section should restate the main idea (thesis statement) of your essay, summarize the three sub points of your essay, and leave the reader with an interesting final impression. One way to do this is to have the first sentence restate the thesis, the second and third sentences summarize the essay points, and the fourth sentence would leave the reader with an interesting final impression. Conclusion section heading.

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