PA305-1: Identify and evaluate ethics rules. Conflicts of Interest


PA305-1: Identify and evaluate ethics rules. Conflicts of Interest

Since you were hired as a paralegal several years ago, your supervising attorney has emphasized the importance of ethics in the law firm. If the law firm engages in unethical conduct, you could be fired, your attorney could be sued for malpractice, and/or your law firm could close down. During an initial consultation, your supervising attorney is surprised to learn that the prospective client is seeking a divorce from your client’s wife. It is clear that one of the paralegals who work at the law firm did not properly check for a conflict of interest beforehand. Though the law firm managed to avoid engaging in unethical conduct, your supervising attorney is worried that the law firm will not be so lucky again. In order to prevent close calls in the future, your supervising attorney has asked you to assist her in preparing an ethics training presentation for the paralegals at the law firm. When you are completing this Assignment, you are expected to consider the needs of the law firm. 1. Conduct online research. 2. Using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, create a presentation. 3. Discuss at least five ethical rules. 4. Provide a practical example how each of the rules should be applied. 5. Create a short quiz consisting of 10 multiple choice/true or false questions that would allow participants to test their knowledge.

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