physical security


For this assignment, you are the information security manager for the county of Rockdale. The county just elected a new sheriff. He does not have a keen understanding of what is Physical Security. It is your responsibility to brief the sheriff on what is physical security and how it can be used to protect critical infrastructures throughout the county. Please provide a PowerPoint Presentation with no less than 15 informative slides. Further, you will use Zoom to record yourself, giving the presentation, and explaining the slides. You do not have to be in the video. The slides must include pictures and other graphics that will support the presentation. The presentation should address the following.

  1. What is physical security?
  2. What are the levels of physical security?
  3. Detail all five levels on separate slides
  4. What is the value of planning as it relates to the levels of physical security?
  5. What are physical barriers and how they coincide with physical security?
  6. Explain security or master plan and countermeasures
  7. Expound on designing security and layout of site


You must have a minimum of 15 slides. This does NOT include your introduction or reference slides. Your presentation should be between 15 to 20 minutes in length. You should have a minimum of 14 DIFFERENT citations with matching a reference list. Please upload your recording (mp4) to your assignment area upon completion.

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