Public Health Initiative Approval



submit the public health initiative you selected to be the focus of your Scholar-Practitioner Project. Include a brief overview of the initiative and your rationale for selecting the initiative. I want you to concentrate on the economics of the program and not so much on the health program as it relates to a health problem. This course is to learn how to write a grant and to really focus on the economics and the financial aspects of a heath program. So if you cannot find an up and running funded program that deals with your health interest, find one that would be a good one from an economics stand point. REFERENCES •Getzen, T. E. (2013). Health economics and financing (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons. ◦Chapter 2, “Demand and Supply” ◦Chapter 6.4, “The Medical Transaction” ◦Chapter 6.5, “Uncertainty” •Snyderman, R., Sheldon, G. F., & Bischoff, T. A. (2002). Gauging supply and demand: The challenging quest to predict the future physician workforce. Health Affairs, 21(1), 167–168.

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