Write a GUI class PayRoll() that calculates the weekly pay given the hours worked and the pay rate. Hours worked over 40 hours per week are given time and a half. For example, 32 hours at $5/hr is $160.00 for the week. While, 50 hours at $20.00/hr yields $1,100.00 for the week.

Your GUI should have:

a. two labels and two entry boxes for the user to enter the information

b. a Button ‘Compute Week’s Pay’ that, when clicked, computes the week’s paycheck and displays the amount in a third entry box

· The entry box that displays the week’s pay should display correctly, with a ‘$’ and two digits after the decimal.

c. a Button ‘Clear’ that clears the entries

d. check for incorrect input (with a try and except)

· display this error message (for incorrect input) in a separate window: ‘Uh-Oh, Invalid input’

Test your class using the following statement in your file:


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