Reflective Essay: Norm Violation, Cutting in line


Reflective Essay: Norm Violation, Cutting in line

Part I: Violate a Social Norm As mentioned in the textbook, norms are prescriptions for accepted or expected behaviors. Your assignment is to violate one of the norms listed below: 1. stand really close to someone when talking to them and move closer and observe their actions 2. sit at a table that is already occupied by stranger(s) in a cafeteria 3. cut in line (be very careful with this one) 4. Dress to a casual event (such as class) in formal attire. 5. offer free hugs (this works great in groups especially with male/female and see who gets more) 6. get dressed, get ready and go an entire day without looking in the mirror (this is more of a personal reflective assignment) PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING: You may also violate any other norm you choose, as long as you don’t risk harming yourself or others, and as long as your behavior doesn’t reflect badly on the University or this class (if you’re not sure, please consult with me). For example, you should not do anything that breaks a law, disrupts a class or public event, involves sexual behavior or sexually explicit speech, hurts or threatens others, or includes taking or damaging other people’s property — such norm violations will result in a score of zero. Part II: Write About Your Experience Turn in a description of the norm you violated, the way you felt, and the reactions people had to you (limited in length to one-two typewritten double-spaced page using 1″ margins and 12-point font). For example, you might describe whether the experience was uncomfortable, fun, liberating, scary, or something else. Or you might discuss the sociological perspective of other people’s reactions to you. (1-2 pages)

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