Reli 448N Week 2 Quiz


 Reli 448N Week 2 Quiz

Polytheism is the view that:

Animism is the belief that:

Nontheism is the view that:

The idea that belief in God or gods arises from the long-lasting impressions made on adults by their childhood experiences, especially their experiences of their parents, is attributed to:

The theory that religion arises from an individual’s need to arrive at personal fulfillment is attributed to:

All of the following are examples of material expressions of religions except:

Which of the following is an example of a central religious myth:

Derived from the words for “sitting near,” these texts record insights into external and internal realities:

Taken from the much longer Mahabharata, this text records the conversation between the god, Krishna, and the prince Arjuna:

The Hindu deity associated with creation is:

Student, Householder, and Renunciate are all examples of:

The yoga that proposes that all useful work, if done unselfishly, can be a way to perfection is called:

The practice of ahimsa (non-violence) is part of which aspect of Hindu meditation?

The goddess __________ is often shown with fanged teeth, dripping blood, a symbol of the fierceness with which she protects her devotees.

The act of looking into the eyes of a guru in order to experience the divine energy that the teacher radiates is called:

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