Roles, Responsibilities, and Work of the CIA, NSA, and FBI


Roles, Responsibilities, and Work of the CIA, NSA, and FBI

Research Paper A major component of this class is a minimum 2250-word (excluding the separate cover, abstract, and reference pages), APA-style research paper. It represents a substantial effort on your part to research and write an in-depth paper. No more than 25% of the written assignment in this course may be attributed to referenced sources. Your paper must be 75% original thought. Again, your cited work and quotations must not exceed 25%. You must use and cite a minimum of five primary sources (with no more than two being internet sources) in the text and References page. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are not appropriate or considered adequate as referenced sources. Turnitin originality reports provide the instructor with the word count in addition to the percentage of wording attributable to their sources. Do not cut and paste from other sources. Your failure to cite sources by using in-text citations and failure to 5use APA quotation formatting where necessary will result in referrals as potential Academic Code Violations. Whole or partial papers may not be submitted from previous courses or classes to fulfill this course requirement and will be referred as a potential Academic Code Violation.

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