(Answered) Ruffian Apparel Case Analysis & Discussion Questions


( Answered) Ruffian Apparel Case Analysis & Discussion Questions

read the article and answer the following questions (a) Edwards is an employee who is over-worked and underappreciated. In your opinion, from an employee perspective, what form of appreciation/recognition matters the most in a work environment? (i.e verbal appraisal, monetary increase/rewards etc.)

Why do you feel this way? What type of behaviors does it encourage? (b) Recruiting and retaining employees is a crucial component of operating a successful business.

Ruffian apparel, along with many other retail establishments, struggle in this area. How could they increase interest/attract potential employees to their business?

How can they set themselves apart from similar retailers in order to entice people to work for them instead of the competition?

(c) Many companies in this industry often suffer from high turnover rates. Why do you think this is? What actions can be taken in order to decrease these rates?

(d) Sales goals and productivity goals are designed to provoke employees to strive for success and push them to work hard. Sometimes however, these goals can be far-fetched and unattainable. Do they still have the same effect if they seem this way? Why is this?

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