Scientific Computing



You are required to search for research articles and related information on one of the applications of scientific

computing in a selected domain, then to write a research paper that reviews all related concepts and techniques

for the selected application area.


• Search for the precise information independently.

• Write a research paper based on the standard format.

• Obtain more specific ideas about scientific computing applications in real-world problems.

• Be able to provide new ideas based on information being reviewed


• You are required to produce a research paper that critically discuss, review the existing works and propose

your analysis regarding your selected application of scientific computing techniques in solving real-world

problems. Here is a good source about the content and the structure of a generic research paper


• You have to find at least 4 related journal/conference articles from e.g. IEEE, ACM or any referred journal

or conference publication related to your selected domain.

• You are free to select any application area as long as you are implementing at least one of main of the

concepts of the course.


• Your paper must follow IEEE standard (.doc word template is given).

• Total pages should not exceed 6 pages

• Font times roman 10, single spacing. 

Course Topics:

Modeling, Computers, and Error Analysis

Chapter 1 Math Modeling and Problem Solving

Chapter 2 Programming and Software

Chapter 3 Approximations and Round-Off Errors

Chapter 4 Truncation Errors and the Taylor Series

Roots of Equations

Chapter 5 Bracketing Methods

Chapter 6 Open Methods

Chapter 7 Roots of Polynomials

Chapter 8 Case Studies: Roots of Equations

Linear Algebraic Equations

Chapter 9 Gauss Elimination

Chapter 10 LU Decomposition and Matrix Inversion

Chapter 11 Special Matrices and Gauss-Seidel

Chapter 12 Case Studies: Linear Algebraic Equations

Curve Fitting

Chapter 17 Least-Squares Regression

Chapter 18 Interpolation

Chapter 19 Fourier Approximation

Chapter 20 Case Studies: Curve Fitting 

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