Security Awareness and Training Security



Assignment Content

  1. Review the “Security Awareness” section in Ch. 5, “Implementing Security Education, Training, and Awareness (SETA) Programs,” of Management of Information Security.

    You have been asked by your IT Manager to design 2 security posters on Security Awareness and Training Security for Information Security to be displayed for company employees. One poster needs to focus on human behavior awareness, and the other poster needs to focus on technological risk awareness. For the poster that focuses on technology risk awareness, be sure that you analyze the basic threats for information security.

    You can use Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, or a graphic program of your choice for the creation of your posters. Your poster dimension needs to be 18″ X 24″ in size.

    Be sure to include the following on your posters (all 5 do not have to be on each poster, but should be covered between both posters):

    • Warnings of unauthorized connections/behaviors in the network
    • Importance of network mapping
    • Awareness of external and internal threats
    • Where to report potential violations, considering both employee self-reporting and reporting of others
    • Types of cybersecurity frameworks available (government vs. private sector)

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