Select three artworks by three different artists


1. Select three artworks by three different artists. These works must also be different media, different time periods, and different cultures/countries. The works must be from Chapters 1-13 in the textbook and/or the online class discussions.

2. Describe the three artworks. Start with the Artist Name (or Culture if Unknown), Title, Date, and Medium/Media. Next, use language and art terminology to describe the visual appearance of these works– your reader should be able to visualize the art in their mind, based on your description. Chapters 4 and 5 can help with this.

3. Analyze the three artworks. Chapters 1, 2 and 3 can help you with this. What kind of artworks are these? What themes are they connected to? What is their purpose? 

4. Discuss other pertinent information regarding your selected artworks. This can include various cultures, historical periods, media,
techniques, artworks, and artist biographies, etc. Essentially, this is the context of the art– not the art itself.

5. Writing in first person, explain how your appreciation of art has increased since taking this class. Use your three selected artworks to help convince me! Why do we need art? What do your three selected artworks do for our society, our world, and for you?

6. Share your previous assumptions and thoughts or feelings about art, and compare those with your current viewpoints, now that you have studied some art.

Please review the Rubric for this assignment. 


Word Count: 1,000 – 1,250 words Style: MLA, APA, or Chicago are accepted (Chicago is the standard for Art History, however, for this class MLA or APA are also accepted). The main points are: 1-inch borders, 12-point Times Roman font. Important: your paper must be a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF (.docx or pdf). No other files will be accepted. A citation/reference page is NOT necessary for this assignment.

10.0 pts


This includes proper editing of grammar, spelling, and text formatting, organization of ideas into paragraphs. Titles of artworks should be capitalized and italicized. Note that “media” is the plural of “medium”. (Do not use “mediums” or “medias”).

10.0 pts

 Describe, Analyze and Discuss

Describe, analyze and discuss the styles of various cultures, historical periods, media, techniques, artworks, and artists and formulate these observations and evaluations into written form.

20.0 pts

Art Appreciation

Express an increased understanding and appreciation of art and its intrinsic value to the individual as well as to society.

20.0 pts

 Art Terminology

Define and use appropriate art terminology. For example, incorporate the Elements and Principles into your descriptions and use vocabulary specific to art.

20.0 pts

 Personal Reflection

Analyze specific works of art, artists, and articulate their own assumptions and thoughts or feelings about art in cohesive and well-written short papers

20.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0

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