SES020N235S Sports Nutrition


SES020N235S Sports Nutrition

This assessment is in three parts.

Part One is the main section and should be written for your client, as if you were going to give it directly to them. Therefore the key is to think about how to present the information in a way that is informative and personal, whilst also being interesting, motivational and easy to use.

Part Two is the scientific underpinning and should be a comprehensive list identifying the different advice that you have given and recommendations you have made, your rationale for this advice / recommendations and the scientific research underpinning them. Please DO NOT submit this section as an essay – see guidelines below. Your full references can be put in a separate section following this one.

Part Three is a copy of the dietary analysis that you undertook for your client.

Part one – Dietary Report to your Client

This is your report to your client. It needs to discuss their current nutritional status in relation to their sporting needs and goals, the rationale behind any changes that you suggest to their diet (if you have made any), and a brief summary of possible alternative foods that could be substituted to achieve any advice that you have given and recommendations that you have made. Remember to take into account how your clients general lifestyle and training requirements may fit in with your recommendations. You may want to include motivational information in your recommendations too, if you think that this is relevant.

Remember that you are providing a report for a layperson, but almost certainly a well informed layperson, therefore your report needs to be free of jargon, factual, informative and positive in its outlook. Although you have to be honest if the analysis isn’t as great as they were hoping for, be as positive in your language as you can – this will act as reassurance, and help with motivation and will mean that they will start to trust you. It will also mean that if they have under or over reported on this occasion, they are more likely to provide you with more accurate dietary information next time. There is no need to provide your client with an indepth scientific rationale for your recommendations, so avoid the temptation to do so! This means no references either – save this for Section Two.

As this section need to be easily understood by your client, then the ability to present the information clearly is a very important part, and will be taken into consideration in the marking. Be creative about how you present your information….colour, diagrams, etc. are all recommended if they enhance the communication of your report to your client.  

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