Should medical marijuana be legalized?



Im in need of a proposal for should medical marijuana be legalized.

 .Guidlines for proposal are followed.  Proposal – You will select your topic and provide a basic outline of the issue, basic arguments for and against and overview of who supports and opposes the issue. There is a fillable form that you will need to complete and submit for credit . neral Information: You work for a company that gives advice to political candidates of both parties. Your firm has a contract with the strictly nonpartisan Congressional Research Service to provide an issue briefing to help members of Congress from both parties make decisions about critical policy issues. Your firm wants you to choose one specific policy issue that is important for the United States in the next several years. The legislators need to know (1) why the issue is so important, (2) how the issue has developed over time, (3) what the pros and cons of the issue, and (4) who (individuals, groups and political parties) supports and opposes each position. NOTE: This project is to provide an objective overview of a controversial issue in society NOT to argue for one position or the other. You must present your issue in a way that is completely fair and speak objectively about all sides of the issue. 

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