Social Variables


Social Variables

Complete a 6-8 page final paper that satisfies the following three areas: Explain how sociologists view the relationship between the key social variables of a class, gender, race and health outcomes. For example, explain how social class can help us predict health-related outcomes. You would do the same for gender and race. Select an illness (e.g., Diabetes, Lupus, Heart Disease) whose health outcomes are clearly impacted by class, gender, and race (all three variables). First, describe the illness. Then explain how the three variables can have an impact on health outcomes in relation to the illness. For example, what can you tell me about the health outcomes of Asians (race) suffering from diabetes (illness)? 9% are at moderate risk for diabetes. Include at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles (no more than five years old) to validate your arguments, thoughts, and opinions. 3. Explain how government interventions are improving health outcomes (the illness you selected) in terms of class, gender, and race (all three). Here, you want to identify government organizations/agencies in the U.S. that addresses the illness (one organization for each variable). For example, how is the Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Minority Health (organization) improving health outcomes for minorities (race) who are suffering from diabetes (illness)? Within the essay, be sure to include and apply at least 3 social concepts learned from the course material (other than class, gender, and race).

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