SSY 230 Abnormal Psychology


SSY 230 Abnormal Psychology

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Over the course of the semester we have reviewed the symptoms, etiology (cause) and treatment associated with several psychological disorders as defined in DSM-5.  This research paper will provide the opportunity to review a specific topic associated with a disorder in greater depth.  For this assignment, you will review several sources (books, journal articles, etc) and summarize this information in a cohesive paper.

I suggest the following approach:

1.  Review the text chapter on a category of psychological disorder that you found most interesting.
2.  Choose a specific disorder. For example, do not choose all of the Anxiety Disorders, be more specific and choose Social Anxiety Disorder or Panic Disorder or Agoraphobia.
3. Next, decide one specific topic related to this disorder.  You may get an idea from something discussed in the text, or you may an interest of your own.
4.  Collect resources.  You may use books, but you must also use recent journal articles.  These can be located through the college database.
5.  Read these resources (at least 5) and summarize the most significant information.
6.  Write a 5-8 page paper on your topic.
7.  You may divide your topic into sections if you wish.  See Below.
8.  Make sure to use proper quotes and citations.  You will follow the American Psychological Association’s format for citations.
9.  Do not use the first person at all.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you wish to do a paper on Medications used to treat Depression. After gathering resources, you need to organize your paper in a structured format. 

For example, it is ok to use headings.  You will decide the headings, but think about the person reading your paper.  Try to have a flow which makes it easy to follow.

Background Information on Depression

What is Depression?
What are the symptoms in DSM-5
What are prevalence rates?
The Biological Theory of Depression
What is the Biological Theory of Depression?
Drug Mechanisms-How Drugs Work
How Do Antidepressants work?
What Do They Do In the Brain
Additional Information
Side Effects
Are the Effective?
If you find your topic in your text, look at the resources cited by the text authors, this may be a good start.

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